Don Morrison Los Angeles, California
One can only fully evaluate an insurance company or policy after submitting a claim. On March 15, 2011 a series of unfortunate errors led to a beak-in at our home. The burglars were in the house for hours and loaded up a van full of items. Among the items stolen were original paintings by Gordon Onslow Ford, Gerome Kamrowski and Jimmy Ernst. Two valuable prints by Miro and Matisse were also taken. In addition some glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly and Toland Sand were taken. We had art insurance through Face Insurance Services. Upon notification of the art theft, Kimberly and Tom Pratt of Face Insurance Services swung into action. They facilitated discussions among our homeowners insurance policy company, the insurance carrier for the art, the gallery where most of the art had been purchased and the Los Angeles Police Department detective in charge of art theft—including meeting with this detective in Los Angeles. While considerable documentation had to be provided by us, the overall process was hassle free. We have received compensation for the full value of the stolen art. The various players involved all helped. However, Face Insurance Services through Kimberly and Tom Pratt provided the focal point for all of the communications that allowed our case to be settled so easily. My wife and I highly recommend Face Insurance Services for anyone wishing to insure a valuable art collection.
Hovey Winery Murphys, CA
Insurance can be daunting with all the duties of running a winery, but not with FACE Insurance. FACE has gone above and beyond to ensure we have the coverage we need, handling all of the details of changing carriers including making sure we got a refund from a corporate insurance company… and they did it all with a smile. What used to be a painful process for our winery is now a joy. I have nothing but accolades for their service and staff.
Don DFW, Texas
I wanted to drop you a note and add my “Thank You”!! Through your efforts and follow-up I believe we have arrived at the best solution for our collection at a very good price point. Personally, at this time I could not be more pleased.
Val du Vino Winery Murphys, CA
After the Butte Fire, Tom Pratt and his team at FACE ensured we received compensation from our insurance company for loss of business during the weeks of the fire. What a relief!